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The normal human struggles with will-power. Pleasure and reward are powerful aspects normal human functioning.  Unfortunately, our brains don't necessarily know that some sources of pleasure are potentially addictive, or harmful to our bodies.  The pleasure/reward aspect of our brain is triggered, it will drive the mind and body to attain its desire.  With addictive substances we can easily become overwhelmed by this drive, despite our wise mind knowing that the substance is to be avoided.  

Often the pattern of pleasure seeking, reward, and consequence leads to a vicious cycle of self-reproach, discouragement, shame.  We learn to believe that our will power is not strong enough: and the truth is, when it comes to addiction, IT CANNOT BE strong enough. It is the nature of addiction to find its way to obtain its desire no matter what.  


Imagine what could be possible if we were to re-claim the power of such tenacity, to channel tenacity and power toward wellbeing. This tenacity and power is inherent in our biology, and there is no reason we cannot channel that vitality toward healthful desires.  

It is possible to use hypnosis to speak to empower our minds to re-wire addiction's desire:


So, instead of that cigarette. One can use hypnosis to know what it feels like to not desire a cigarette.  We can use hypnosis to quiet the pleasure-reward center's desire for nicotine, or cake, or wine.  Exactly how we do this, what hypnotic suggestionswe implant, will be co-createdby you and me, specifically for your unique needs.


Pain Control


While you've been reading this, have you been aware of your foot inside your shoe?  Probably not. It's natural, and actually imperative, that our biology is able to to block out sensation. Hypnosis hyper-magnifies this natural capacity.

Sport and Academic Performance


Negative thoughts and physiological anxiety will undermine the most skillful person. Hypnosis is a great tool to overcome performance anxiety. Hypnosis can also help you to more easily access your flow state.

Sleep Problems


There are  many reasons why you may have difficulty falling or staying asleep.  But it is certain that worry and discouragement about sleep will significantly worsens a sleep disorder.  You may have all your proper sleep hygiene in place, and know how your sleep biology works, yet your cannot settle into the reality of your sleep rhythm.  Hypnosis can eliminate unnecessary anxiety that worsens insomnia. Hypnosis may not alter your sleep pattern (or it may!), but it can help you to feels peaceful and comfortable despite your awake state.

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Switching Roofs
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Academic focus and concentration

Perfectionism, test anxiety, 


writers block

obsessions and ruminations


heart-break recovery


irrational fears

stress management

anger control


And more....

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